Sunday, July 6, 2008

According to ESPN, We're Still Doomed

by: Mike Parker

In my frothing anticipation for another fantasy football season, I was looking at what ESPN's projections looked like for our boys in blue earlier today.

And after reading most of the 4-letter network's assertions, I asked myself again why the hell I bother giving their opinion any attention whatsoever. (Keep in mind I probably do this at least 25 times a month.)

Check out this little gem, which says Julius Jones will be getting no more than three -- yes, THREE -- rushing touchdowns this year.

Now, all things considered; namely having a triple-threat attack at RB this year, I think this is nothing short of a gross underestimate. Duckett could very well be our goal-line guy if he proves to be as capable as we seem to think he is, but they've got to give Julius a little more credit than three TDs. They did project him at just under 800 yards, which is probably reasonable but also inconsistent as hell when paired with such a low touchdown total.

Anyway, see for yourselves. Maybe I'm just nuts. (Which is entirely possible.)--END--