Sunday, July 6, 2008

Bosworth Saves Canadian Woman

by: Michael Steffes

Brian Bosworth, or "The Boz", is living up to his reputation. He doesn't seek excitement, excitement just finds him; like any good action movie star right.

In this case Bosworth was fishing with his son in the Winnipeg area and was on his way to the airport when he spotted a car that had flipped off the road and landed in an area not visible to most. Unfortunately, because he hasn't been training he was unable to rip the roof of the car himself, so the Jaws of Life were needed. It sounds as if everyone will be OK.

All kidding aside. The Boz is taking character to a new level for the Seahawk organization here and I salute him. We joke, we poke fun, but in his prime the Boz drew a pretty large spotlight to Northwest. Glad to see him get 15 more minutes of fame.

Also, the Mon. night game, in its entirety, where he is run over by Bo Jackson is airing on the 14th on NFLN. ~END~