Sunday, July 6, 2008

TSN QB Ranks

by: Michael Steffes

I have posted to numerous of these articles over the last month, and only rarely have I agreed with them. Here is another.

TSN has ranked the NFC quarterbacks. The Hawks rank 3rd. They are saying that Tony Romo and Drew Brees are better than Hasselbeck. TSN is wrong.

Tony Romo has won a total on ZERO big games in his career. He has yet to even prove he can be good for an entire season. Often he seems to care more about things like vacation and golf than being a stud QB. He just simply has not proven to be the best QB in the NFC. Bad Choice.

Brees is a quality signal caller. This is not up for debate. If I had to choose someone other than Hass, it would probably be Brees. Here is the difference. Last year, the Saints running game struggled without Deuce. Without the dual rushing threat the Saints struggled (well except for a Sun night at Qwest). Last year in Seattle, the running game was abysmal. Matt Hasselbeck picked up his game and made the team successful without a running game. That is why he is better than Brees. If the Saints were going into this season with our offensive personal, they would be picked to finish third in their division.

Feel free to debate, I am sure many of you will feel the same way. ~END~