Thursday, July 3, 2008

Here is an Interesting Thought

by: Michael Steffes

Back in 2004, when the Montreal Expos picked up camp and moved to Washington DC, the Expos heritage, specifically the retired numbers of Gary Carter, Andre Dawson, Rusty Staab, and Tim Raines were returned to service and handed out to new DC players.

The Montreal Canadians, the other major professional sports team of the city, put a banner in THEIR rafters commemorating the Expos time in Montreal and their retired numbers.

The Seahawks, and more specifically Paul Allen, have a very unique opportunity. Because of our owners association with the NBA, it would be fitting if he helped keep the memories alive of the Seattle Sonics. The rafters at Qwest have plenty of room (not for long). To commemorate the former Sonics would be a very classy gesture. In fact, I saw it suggested on a message board that players like Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp will never have their jersey's raised and should be given the opportunity to raise the 12th man flag instead. I agree. And at that time they could be added to a Sonics banner as well.

Clearly the citizens of Montreal felt those memories deserved to live on, and judging by what many of you have expressed, and Paul Allen's connection to the NBA, the Seahawks doing something similar would be fine with me. Your thoughts? ~END~