Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Seahawks on Total Access

by: Michael Steffes

Much ado about nothing if you were waiting for a report. They did highlights from different games throughout the season, however they skipped Rocky falling on Alex Smith which I thought was an oversight. They also only showed the Chicago game, then mentioning the Hawks won their next 5 and skipped to the Skins Wild Card game, with out showing any of those clips. Get this, this is great-- They showed 5 Shaun Alexander highlights and ONE!!!!! Patrick Kerney highlight. Absurd. They didn't even show Kerney at all in the Skins game, where he was a wild beast. They did show Shaun get tackled and lose the ball, and then wasted a bunch of breath talking about how the fumble was reversed and the Skins return was all for naught.

As for the 08' preview, it was as predicted. They brought in Adam Schefter to talk about Holmgren being a lame duck. They also had a pretty graphic of the wide receiver depth chart, at which point Schefter said that Bobby Engram needs to step up, assuming he shows up. Blah, blah, blah. I am sure they would have talked about the new running game, but they were too busy interviewing Jerrod Mayo at the rookie symposium, and showing Chris Long spell.

Overall ** Two stars out of five. My review: very disappointing, why do I ever expect more? END