Sunday, June 15, 2008

2005 Draft... worst top 10 ever?

by: Chris Sullivan

Lets take a look:

1. Alex Smith - SF - Seems to be quite a dud, eh?
2. Ronnie Brown - Miami - Obviously good, but injury prone
3. Braylon Edwards - Cleveland - Finally had a year worthy of his draft pick in 2007, but very slow start to his career
4. Cedric Benson - Chicago - B-U-I, D-U-I, C-U-T
5. Cadillac Williams - TB - Like Ronnie Brown, good, but even more injury prone
6. Pacman Jones - Tennessee - No commentary necessary
7. Troy Williamson - Minn - Already on his second team, nothing close to a 7 pick
8. Antrel Rolle - AZ - Was drafted as a cornerback, is being moved to safety this year because he couldn't keep up
9. Carlos Rogers - Washington - Not too shabby, really, but probably hasn't lived up to a top-10 pick
10. Mike Williams - Detroit - 4 years, 3 teams, 2 touchdowns

Ouch. Compare this to the next ten picks, where we have multiple probowlers and a few just-misses: Demarcus Ware, Shawn Merriman, Jammal Brown, Erasmus James, Marcus Spears... and of course, Lofa Tatupu late in the second. Has there ever been a better linebacker class?