Thursday, June 26, 2008

Prisco Gives Three Hawks Honors

by: Michael Steffes

Sort of. I guess if the Hawks care what Pete Prisco thinks then they were honored. Anyway, Pete Prisco of recently released his top 50 players. Three Seahawks made the list, and one just missed(Patrick Kerney). Surprisingly though, Prisco showed an anti QB bias, after giving 1 and 2 to QBs. Hasselbeck was left off, as was Tony Romo. Drew Brees was the only NFC signal caller to get mentioned.

The Hawks that made it were....

16. Walter Jones... Still the highest ranked tackle in the NFL

40. Lofa Tatupu... right behind Ernie Sims (ok, whatever)

47. Marcus Trufant... starting to get his due.

As for the biggest mistakes made by Prisco, in my opinion....

6. Mario Williams... Your kidding right, he has had 1 good season

39. Ernie Sims... Product of being the only person on the Det defense with a heartbeat.

48. Wes Welker... Can you say.. Opposite Randy Moss?

50. Devon Hester... Until he does something other than return kicks he doesn't make a list of the top 50 players.