Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Another mildly favorable NFC West Preview...

by: Chris Sullivan

The folks over at released their NFC West Preview today and it is, not surprisingly, a little bit off. While they favor the Hawks in the division (with another 9-7 record), there was some truly peculiar insight given as to our strengths and weaknesses.

Their 'award winning' simulator sees our offense slipping significantly to 26th in the league, while our defense jumps up dramatically to 2nd best. I think more than anything, this is due to the fact that they can't adequately factor in a) new coaches, b) Matt's ability to create stars and c) rookie impact... add to it the extra incentive to give the Walrus another Super Bowl win, and I think we come out far ahead of the projections.

The biggest point that the author is making in the story is basically that J. Jones can't cut the mustard and our running game, while improved, is still bad. I think with Wahle, Rob Sims' move to the right and Mike friggin' Solari and I think we have the potential for a line that could make most backs look like studs. I also think that Morris is going to do everything he can to step up and get a starting spot in 2009 for another team, even if that might be unlikely.

What are your thoughts? Are the 49ers an 8-8 team? Is St Louis really the worst in the division again?