Saturday, June 28, 2008

Kacyvenski Hopes Career Can Continue

by: Michael Steffes

While Isiah Kacyvenski hasn't been a Seahawk for a little while, this story deserves mention here. Kacyvenski was a key cog in the Seahawks special teams for several years, including the Super Bowl run in 2005. Now, he is just hoping he can get back in the league.

This article comes from his charity golf tournament. He is raising money for the children's home at which his mother lived when young. But back to football....

Kaz was unceremoniously released during the 2006 season. There was a numbers crunch after Shaun hurt his foot. The Hawks needed another running back on the roster. In order to get Marquis Weeks, who Holmgren subsequently refused to use, they had to release Kacyvenski. It was suspected that he was told the Hawks would re-sign him the next week. Instead the Rams made him an offer, promising time on defense as well as special teams. Mike Holmgren was not pleased.

Last year in camp with the Raiders, Kaz did serious damage to his knee. He is hoping he will be ready to play again around week 4 this season. That will be more than a year since the injury. Kaz meant a lot to the young linebackers that are all grown up in Seattle right now. At times both Lofa and Leroy have talked about his influence. There are some great quotes in the article about Isiah's presence in a locker room. If there was one player to bring back for a second tour in Big Show's final year, this would be my choice. Especially since we could easily find a role for him on special teams. END