Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mack Makes Triumphant Return

by: Michael Steffes

To practice, but just to watch. According to Jose Romero of the Times, Mack was back, hanging out and talking to media. Hopefully Owen Schmitt challenged him to a face mask destroying contest. That one is a pick em' in my book.

Also from the Times report, is Joe Newton, rising above DD Lewis to make a beauty of a catch. You go Joe. Newton will probably end up on the practice squad for a second year, but look for him to be a big contributer next year, where only John Carlson will be here for sure. Heller and Putzier will be free agents.

Clare Farnsworth talked about weight room work ethic. As has been mentioned before, Mike Wahle is a beast in the weight room, earning accolades from the strength and conditioning crew on his first day. His work ethic is apparently wearing off on others. Sims has added weight this year. Lets hope it translates into better run blocking. Also from Clare is a spectacular play from Brian Russell. That is two days in a row from BRuss. Once for a heady veteran pointer before the snap, and once for laying out to break up a pass. Doesn't look like he is shying away from the challenge of keeping his spot.

Frank Hughes thinks practice was sloppy, both because of the rain and the play. He talked about the different personnel groupings on the field. He also mentioned that Rocky Bernard was back to team drills, which is great. So far two of the big questions I posed before this last session have turned in the Hawks favor, of course they lost the punter for an unknown period. No more injuries Hawks...Two days to go. END