Thursday, June 19, 2008

Seahawk Rookies Head to Canton

by: Michael Steffes

If you haven't heard about this yet, than it is defintely worth mentioning. At the request of Michael Irvin, when he was inducted last year, the NFL is sending all of the rookie classes to Canton, Ohio to spend a day at the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Today, the Hawks rookie class will be spending the day in Canton.

The plan is that rookies will get to learn about those who have come before them and sacrificed so that they can make millions for playing a game they love. By learning about the heritage of the game, it is hoped that they respect it more and better appreciate the gift they have been given. Only time will tell if this truly has an effect.

I will be honest. I have never been to the Pro Football HOF. Truth be told, I haven't spent much time in Ohio. I have been to Cooperstown, NY several times though, and if it is anything like that I really need to go. I have two possibilities. First, they put the Hawks in the HOF game and make a trip out of it. Second, when Tez finally gets in, and it is a shame he isn't yet, I would consider going. He is my fav all time great Hawk. John Clayton says he will eventually get in, but as for now he has not even made the finalist list. Maybe this year Tez.... END