Monday, June 30, 2008

TV Guide

by: Michael Steffes

Hey everybody, I just wanted to give you all plenty of notice so that you can set your recording devices if you desire, there is some Seahawks programming this week.

Tomorrow, NFLN Total Access will be covering the Seahawks as part of their 32 teams in 32 days segment. Not sure if anybody will be in studio, but they will most certainly talk about how the team hasn't replaced Hutch, has no WR's because of Branch's Injury, and will struggle because Holmgren is a lame duck. So make sure you tune in for that. I would fully expect Marshall Faulk to pick the Hawks to lose 10 games as well.

Also, and something that I promise will be much more amusing, later on in the week, at several different times Thur, NFLN is showing an hour long version of the 2005 NFC Championship game. As you may remember that game was played at Qwest. I bet Nick Goings head is still ringing from Lofa's hit too. So tune in, or set your recorders to watch Steve Smith completely disappear, except for a punt return in which a obvious flag was picked up, probably because the refs felt sorry for Carolina. This is clearly the marquee game in Seattle Seahawks history. I Couldn't let you miss it. END