Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Answers to Your Questions Vol 12

by: Michael Steffes

It is Tuesday morning. Three practices to go before the dreaded pre-training camp break. I thought I would start the day off by clearing out the back log of questions from this week so far. I do my best to weed through the comments and find the questions asked. I give my opinions only, the team has yet to ask me for my input and that is probably for the best(smile!). Anyway....

... Asked if I am convinced Rob Sims is the answer at right guard?

I don't know if I can be truly convinced until I see him play there effectively, but I do believe he is the best option. From the moment Sims was drafted, the team was talking about how they had found a steal and he would be a starter in this league for a long time. Now last year was rough, no doubt. But it was rough for the whole group. Something was missing whether it be mentally, physically, emotionally, who knows? I do agree with you though that competition will be good for the situation, however I would think Ray Willis ranks above Wrotto at this point .

... Asked if we should expect the team to come out throwing, or trying to force the new run game?

I would think the team is going to come out and do what it takes to win. I expect to see a little more balance early in the season, only because they will not want to rely to heavily on the young wideouts. However, it is possible, that if the run game appears abysmal in the preseason that Holmgren will see if they can get it going later. One thing I expect is that Holmgren won't feel obligated to give a specific back a certain number of carries due to superstar status, so he should abandon the run much easier this year if it is not working in specific weeks.

Adam Hawkfan... Asked about Branch's contract status? And Josh Wilson?

Branch has four years left on his deal and considerable salaries. The team obviously could cut him, but it would cost them a pretty big cap hit to do it. They wouldn't save money cutting him till 2010 at the earliest, but, why would they want to. They have invested about 20 million and a first round pick in Branch. No way they take a cap hit to get rid of him, especially because he has been good when on the field. If the Hawks stuck it out with Tubbs this long because of his talent, expect a similar approach with Branch. It is unfortunate that he has been hurt a lot, but many call him a bust, and that is not the case. A bust is guy Scott Mitchell, or Cedric Benson, Branch is just injury prone.

As for Wilson, I haven't heard too much about him, but I expect the team to give him every chance to succeed this year. He was pretty decent for a rookie when on the field last year, but was also banged up last year. Look for him defintely to play a big role in the return game this year.

Strategerie... Asked about Coach Holmgen's gallbladder thingy?

I am pretty sure that turned out to be misinformation. They asked him about it on the radio (Mitch Levy?) and he had no idea what the host was talking about? My guess is that he was getting some preventative care done. Some of those procedures can leave you confined to a residence for a day.

Mr. Snuggles
.... Yes, Patrick Kerney did have a torn pec. He missed half the year before we signed him. That is why his signing didn't get much hype as a top move. People thought it would be tough for him to get back to his previous level. However, he exceeded his previous level. Maybe he can lend Plack his hyperbolic chamber for healing.

Tyler Barker... Thanks for the info on weight training. I understand why he would be lifting and how running could be less beneficial to a punter. Mostly I was joking around because Plack isn't very fit, and because punters are generally not thought of as football players. I am sure the team is giving him advice like eating healthy, maybe now that he has injured himself he will take it.

Until next time folks...