Friday, June 6, 2008

Veteran Wide Receviers

by: Michael Steffes

There has been a lot of talk about the Seahawks possibly adding a veteran wide receiver. Ruskell and Holmgren both said they would consider this if the right person was available. Well....

Tim Hasselbeck and Adam Schein have an interesting discussion going on Sirius NFL Radio this morning. They are speculating that Terry Glenn will not sign the injury wavier the Cowboys are requiring and may be released. Both Schein and Hasselbeck think that Seattle is the perfect landing spot for Terry Glenn. Ummmmmm.... No.

To see why....

Lets go over some of the reasons. First, Glenn is being asked to sign an injury waiver because he needs microfracture surgery on his knee. He is going to play one more year on it. I will say that the Seahawks are dealing with one WR with a knee injury, if we are going to add a veteran, lets make sure we are going to get something out of him. Why?

Reason two. If they add a vet WR, the Seahawks will lose one of the big four; Payne, Taylor, Obamanu, and Kent. With the quality depth at almost every spot, the team will in no way be able to keep more than 6 wideouts. If Branch isn't on the PUP, then the team may lose one of these players anyway. Adding a player like Glenn, in his last year, does nothing to build this team for the future. Plus, it is not like he is Jerry Rice or something, he is Terry Glenn, on a bum knee.

Finally, Glenn will probably want to make money similar to what he is getting in Dallas, something around 3 million. In the end, he is unlikely to be available. The Cowboys wasted a roster spot all season last year for this guy. I doubt they are going go cut him now. This is all offseason posturing. Just like a WR who holds out looking for more security, the Boys are making threats looking to insure the efforts made to keep this guy around. In the end, do you think Dallas wants Sam Hurd or Isaiah Stanback to be on the field for 60% of the snaps. Not if they want to repeat as NFC East champs and win a playoff game they don't.