Saturday, June 21, 2008

Nate Getting Noticed

by: Michael Steffes

With the Seahawk wide receiver situation in flux, there is some good ole' fashion offseason optimism popping up too. PFW has a little blurb about one receiver who is seizing his chance and making his presence felt. That man is Nasty Nate Burleson.

From the start of the Seahawks’ postdraft minicamp, our sources in Seattle tell us Burleson probably has been the team’s most consistent offensive performer up to now. “He is running consistently sharp routes, getting open and making catches,” one team insider said of Burleson, who previously has had a tendency to disappear when the team needed him most. “He also seems to have a much better understanding of the team’s passing game.
This is good news to hear. However, if I recall right they were saying the same things last year. That said, I do expect Nate to be better this year, and I disagree about him disappearing when the team needed him most. In my opinion, that was when he shined. The winning TD in the Cincy game or the critical first down catch on the sideline over Shaun Springs in the Wild Card game, both were examples of big catches in big spots. That doesn't even bring up his uncanny knack for a 90 yard punt return when the team needs them worst.

Anyway, hopefully after this year, and in to the future we will look at the move to sign Nate in a totally different light. He certainly has the talent to be a great player in this league, just put it all together this year Nate! END