Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Most ridiculous plays in Seahawk History

by: Chris Sullivan

Hey Guys, so here's something I've been thinking about lately... what are some of the most ridiculous Seahawks plays that you can remember? Doesn't have to be totally integral, just like "wtf were you thinking?!" or "did that REALLY just happen?!"

I'll give my top three, all recent (so as to be more accessible), but I'm counting on you guys to add on.

3) Kenny Hamlin taking an interception down the field on 4th down instead of batting the ball down. I think that was just about his only big play of the year, and it was a complete dud. He went down to Pike Place Market and bought himself a Selfish.

2) Tatupu knocking out Nick Goings in the NFC Championship game vs. the Panthers, getting up and finishing the game. Amazing and firmly implanted Tatupu as a Ring of Honor candidate in his rookie year

1) Obvious, but if I don't put it up here, ninety people will mention is... "We want the ball, and we're gonna score!!!" Matt, Matt, Matt...