Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bad Idea

by: Michael Steffes

Sorry it has been slow since this morning folks. Off topic, but I spent all day meeting with some very interesting people. I am helping my school put together a graduate program in urban sustainability. I am helping with the market research component. Many of you my think this is a little "hippie dippie"(RIP George), some of you may think it is an important issue. All I know, is the people who play important roles bringing the concept of sustainability into the LA community are very passionate. I learned a lot.

Now for something I did not learn a lot from, but felt compelled to comment on. In this article on FOX Sports, Adam Schien has listed nine deals that need to happen. #9 is that Shaun Alexander needs to sign with the Detroit Lions.

My guess... Schein originally planned on 10 deals, got stuck at 8, and picked Shaun to the Lions to fill space. What an awful fit! Detroit is trying to re-make their football team as a tough physical power football team. Not really Shaun's forte, right?

Now Matt Millen may have the GM ability of a lava rock, but even he knows that the tough working class folk of Detroit, who have been more than patient with this regime, won't put up with Shaun running soft. The only way this deal happens, is if Millen is trying to get fired, something I have suspected for a couple years. And this seems even more credible after the recent news about his first two draft picks. In fact look for Millen in the sidebar to your left. END