Monday, June 9, 2008

Seahawks Incorporate Zone Blocking Schemes

by: Michael Steffes

In a move that many have wondered about, but was stunted by public comments from the coach suggesting otherwise, the Seahawks are making the move towards a zone blocking system. Scott Johnson of the Everett Herald has the scoop. Two nights in row with something useful and unknown Scott, that is what beat reporting is all about.

Anyway, Mike Solari and the Seahawks are starting to incorporate these zone concepts. This system has been popularized originally by the Broncos, and more recently, the Falcons under Jim Mora. They led the league in rushing three years in a row using a zone system. The principal of a zone system is that players cover specific areas and not specific players.

According to Rob Sims, this fits the Hawks much better, and there were even suggesting this change during the season last year. "Last year, we did a lot of man-on-man stuff," Sims said. "This year, we're doing more zone stuff, and that's what (the players) wanted to do last year anyway."

The Hawks have a very athletic line. It is one of the reasons they excel at pass protection. Mike Wahle has played mostly in zone systems. The one player whose adjustment may be the biggest though is Chris Spencer. Hopefully he gets on the field soon. END