Thursday, June 19, 2008

Darryl Tapp Interview

by: Michael Steffes

D-Tapp is back home in Virgina and eating good at Mom and Dads house, but he still had time to do an interview with Softy on KJR.

Besides for good eats, Tapp has a new endorsement he is pimping. He also talks about last season, and what is ahead for the Hawks. I have said this before, but if one person on this team could feel like the team is giving up on him early it is Darryl. However, he isn't showing any signs that has any grudge. I guess we should expect that, considering he is a Seahawk and Tim Ruskell draftee. Especially since the organization went to him and explained the pick. That helps.

I am starting to think that we may be presently surprised with his development this year. If Jennings is poised for a breakout year, than Tapp could be too. He has shown the signs and he is saying the right things. END