Monday, June 9, 2008

Holmgren Absent From Practice

by: Mike Parker

Mike Holmgren sat out on today's practice due to a reported minor medical procedure, and is expected back for tomorrow's workout. Gil Haskell took the helm in Holmgren's absence.

On a more intriguing note, Sean Locklear moved from the right side to the left of the offensive line today, due to the absence of Walter Jones and Floyd Womack. And Rob Sims finally got in on today's action for the first time since coming off knee surgery. Ray Willis also worked with the first unit, which is a rarity, but he seems to be showing signs of good progress. That's encouraging.

On the subject of other recovering 'hawks, it seems nothing changed beyond Sims. But as Michael said in a previous post, the team seems to be on the mend. And I'm liking the looks of how things are coming together even so early on.

Is it September yet?