Monday, June 9, 2008

OTA's Continue Today

by: Michael Steffes

The Seahawks will be back on the field this morning to start their final four days of offseason activities before training camp. Expect much of the same that we saw last week, but here are a few things to keep your eyes on as the week the progresses.

  • Will Rocky Bernard begin to participate in full squad activities? He began practicing last week, but mostly individual stuff. Now we will see if he is ready to go
  • Will Rob Sims get out on the field? He said recently that he only expected to miss the first week of these OTA's after having his knee scoped. My guess is that the team is extra cautious and will keep him out. They will want the entire line working together for most of training camp.
  • How is the kicking competition progressing? So far, there hasn't been much separation as best as I can tell. Nothing will be truly decided until the two players kick in preseason games, but it is an important offseason story line none the same.
  • No more injuries!!!! Knock on wood. This team seems to be turning the corner health wise and is ready to go into camp with most players healed and ready. Lets not add new bodies to the training room, especially those who need to compete in training camp. Competition breeds success, and this team has a lot of quality depth. These guys should push each other hard in camp, assuming everyone is healthy.