Saturday, June 14, 2008

What does a Marcus Trufant hit feel like?

by: Chris Sullivan

Well, if he's going full speed, its going to hurt. 1600 lbs of force, according to this old article that may have slipped through some people's fingers before. Its about the physics of a good hit, and features Trufant quite a bit. This got me thinking, who has the most potential to knock some teeth out?

Using some loose calculations, I put some numbers together. It should be noted that the 20 or 10 yard splits would probably be better for the defensive linemen, but I wanted to keep things consistent. Here's a little table for your perusal, and again, its all back-of-the-napkin, but gives us a good idea:

Player 40 Yard Dash Weight Force
Lofa Tatupu 4.63 226 1,737 lbs
Leroy Hill 4.62 229 1,764 lbs
Darryl Tapp 4.75 265 1,985 lbs
Lawrence Jackson 4.82 270 1,993 lbs
Marcus Tubbs 5.01 318 2,259 lbs
Brandon Mebane 5.10 295 2,058 lbs
Red Bryant 4.95 324 2,329 lbs
Kelly Jennings 4.41 180 1,453 lbs
Marcus Trufant
Julian Peterson
1,617 lbs
1870 lbs

Thats my BOY right there, Red Bryant has the most crush-potential! Of course, we know in a game the interior linemen aren't actually going to get up to speed, but don't go trying to steal their cars when they're 120 feet away. Looks like Tapp might be the best one to avoid coming off the line.

UPDATED: Thanks to Hawkfan[#####] I was able to throw J Peterson's numbers up -- Hawkfan found an 8 year old news story with his 40 time... awesome work!