Thursday, June 12, 2008

What Did We Learn From OTAs?

by: Michael Steffes

I wish I had some grand answers, but unfortunately we didn't learn that much about this team. That is one of the things I like about May and June. It is all about optimism. Everybody is set for a great year. Lots of guys make an impact...with out actually hitting anyone. Here are some of the themes that can be built on as we wade through the next six weeks.

First, the wide receivers. Everyday a different one shined. Bobby has opened the door. Lets hope he comes back and shuts it. Regardless, these young guys are all going to get a chance in the preseason, and one or two will be seeing lots of regular season snaps too. To continue on...

The one receiver who is least likely to contribute, is the one whose mini camp meant something, Jordan Kent. Kent was a huge project last year. This year, he is by all accounts a football player. Good news, but he may be the catalyst of a tough decision, either at WR, or another position. I say keep him. Speed cures a lot of ales on a football team.

Next, the kickers. Honestly, nothing has been decided on the field. It is great and all that Mare can kick during mini camps. He obviously could last year too. As other readers have attested, the fantasy world was a buzz about Mare before the season last year. Supposedly he looked great. The team is going to give Coutu every chance to win this job. They may even trade Mare if they get an offer, assuming Coutu looks passable. It is the simple fact that they can control him for 4 years and not have to waste more resources on another kicker in two years or so.

On another topic, it is a good thing the line is pretty much set, because I don't know how they would have made an accurate assessment. It was a mash unit most of the last two months. The one to watch is clearly Spencer. I would say the season hinges most on whether he makes a turn towards being a first round linemen, or another 2005 bust (have you seen that first round?). In fact, he has as much on the line this season as any other Seahawk. Step it up Spence!

Finally, I think it is clear that the strength of this defense is going to be in the depth up front. The rotation is going to be solid all the way through out. If Atkins continues as we have heard this week, the team will have four ends and 5 tackles, and will cut some quality players. That is just crazy considering the problems this team has had at those positions in recent years. Fresh legs in the fourth are a beautiful thing, especially if the team has the lead.