Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Marshawn Lynch Conundrum

by: Michael Steffes

Here is something you might find interesting, posted over at It is an article that advocates NOT suspending Marshawn Lynch for his "morally reprehensible" actions because of the Bills current financial situation. The article, written by Matt Sohn, admits that Lynch could be staring down the barrel of a two game suspension. However, Sohn feels that suspending Lynch for the first two weeks, vs Sea and vs Jac, would be counter productive to the Bills and the NFL because it would severely endanger the Bills playoff hopes.

For my thoughts...

Here is what I say.... and let me preface this by saying I don't care if Lynch plays or not vs Seattle, although I will admit the Hawks have a better chance of winning if he doesn't. SO FREAKING WHAT. This guy has had every opportunity to do the right thing in this incident and he has made poor decision after poor decision.

He allegedly hit someone while driving home from the nightlife area of town. He should be thanking his lucky stars she wasn't seriously injured. The cops have had to subpoena half of the organization and he still won't give a statement. He should be suspended, and the Bills should thank Roger Goodell if it is only two games. As for their playoff hopes and financial burdens.... well.... here is a novel idea, tell Lynch to speak up or they will suspend him. They can just as easily force his cooperation as the police, if not more so. Instead they have chosen to have their executives testify before a grand jury. Dumb. Any penalty the Bills franchise, and Marshawn Lynch pay are of their own making. If it jeopardizes their standing in Western NY then they should have thought about how handling this poorly affects business.

It is about time somebody involved in this case does the right thing, and waiting for Roger Goodell to handle it for you is the wrong approach. If Lynch is unavailable week one for the Bills, well, I consider that the cost of doing business... With Turds!