Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hawks Offensive Units Continue to Rank Low

by: Michael Steffes

Sporting News keeps on churning out their positional group rankings, and the Hawks continue to rank low on the offensive side of the ball. This time the wide receivers are ranked 13th out of 16th.

Lets be real for a second. All of the Hawks big questions are on the offensive side of the ball. Because of that it is hard to disagree with the preseason rankings of a publication like the Sporting News. Take what they say...

There are a lot of questions to answer: Will Deion Branch (knee) be ready in Week 1? Will a contract squabble remove Bobby Engram from the equation? Will Nate Burleson be more consistent? Will any of the young guys step up?
You really can't argue with any of these questions. Same as with the TE's and the RB's. All are unproven commodities. As Seahawk fans, we have seen a pattern that the national media doesn't. Tim Ruskell makes more good decisions for than bad ones. Last year he hit a homerun with the safeties, but missed with Marcus Pollard, who wasn't his first choice anyway. So I think that as fans, we tend to believe that the solutions are going to work out well until proven otherwise, because most of the time they do. As for the national media, well they don't often give the South Canadian Seahawks the benefit of the doubt. END