Monday, June 16, 2008

Taylor Poised to Make Impact

by: Michael Steffes

Hello loyal readers. I am home and back in business, although throughly exhausted. I think I walked 30 miles or so, and have the sunburn to prove it. Excellent work by Chris and Mike though, thanks again.

One of the things I found that was posted over the weekend, was PFW's news and nuggets in their "whispers" article. There are two things Seahawk related. The first is that Rocky Bernard is back to full strength, which is good news heading into training camp. Knock one more of the medical report. The second is this...

Our Seahawks sources tell us young WRs Jordan Kent and Courtney Taylor are settling in at split end and flanker, respectively, rather than rotating to different WR roles. We’re told Taylor actually looks bigger without his uniform on and has coaches genuinely enthused about his potential as Bobby Engram’s heir apparent.

Courtney Taylor is high on a lot of peoples lists of the young WR expected to emerge this year. The part I like is that he looks bigger without his pads on. Clearly, Tim Ruskell has made a move towards bigger receivers, at least when drafting. This was something they did in Atlanta too. Not sure if Jim Mora likes this, or it is an organizational philosophy, but my assumption is that going forward they envision Deion being the small guy. If you want more, here is an interview that Softy did recently with Courtney Taylor. END