Monday, June 23, 2008

Can't Simulate Qwest Crowd Noise

by: Michael Steffes

Following up on something that Chris posted last week, I have the newest set of Whatifsports simulations in, thanks to JR. We already saw that that Whatif predicted the Hawks to win the west, but now they have simulated the playoffs.

They have the Giants coming west to play in their own personal house of horrors, Qwest field. Only one problem. Whatif's simulation has them emerging victorious on the back of 14 fourth quarter points. I am starting to believe these little simulations are possibly having a hard time accounting for things like cross country trips, extreme crowd noise, and the fact that the NFC East tends to wilt in the Qwest field noise machine.

Look at the boxscore. No false start penalties for the Giants....Bogus. The Giants have 232!!!! yards rushing, for an average of 7.7 per carry. Sorry guys, not in Seattle they wouldn't, not even if Howard Green and Craig Terrill were starting inside. No Eli interceptions... last time he was here they came early and often, and that was before we had Kerney, Tapp, and Lojack chasing him.

One thing they definitely did find a way to program in, East Coast Bias. END