Sunday, June 15, 2008

Seahawks Headlines of yester-year

by: Chris Sullivan

Hey all, slow day in Seahawkdom, so I figured we could take a look back, with a humorous tint, via headlines featuring the Seahawks over the last few years.

October 19, 2004: Jerry Rice traded to Seattle Seahawks. Special ramps installed in locker room. [Link dead]

January 30, 2006:
Seahawk's Matt Hasselbeck in car accident in Detroit. Prediction: It will be the hardest hit he gets all week. [Alright, a Hawks fan!]

January 31, 2006: As if to prove that no one likes the Seattle Seahawks, the "best quotes" from media day are ALL Steelers [Link Dead]

February 6, 2006: Judge orders a "Go Seahawks" cheer prior to sentencing. Rusty the Baliff unimpressed

March 22, 2006:
Sniper holds downtown Pittsburgh hostage. Seahawks fans whine about cops letting him get away with it [Jerks... okay, no more Super Bowl stuff]

September 11, 2006: Patriots ship Deion Branch to the Seahawks for a pound of Starbuck's house blend

September 7, 2007: Seahawks get bashed on backside Bush blitz [actually somewhat interesting story]

December 1, 2007: Seahawks RB Shaun Alexander will be sitting down again on Sunday versus Philly. In other words, he will start.

January 9, 2008:
Seahawks kicker to wear heated pants during Saturday's game in Green Bay to keep his vagina warm [hahaha]

Sorry guys, I know its not the most original stuff, but I got a kick out of a few of them.

Happy Father's Day everybody (especially my Dad, and my brothaaas - Tim, Tom and Jim)!