Thursday, June 12, 2008

OTA's End... Training Camp Looms

by: Michael Steffes

Mike Holmgren gave out some nuggets following the final OTA practice. First off, he is fine, he just doesn't feeling like disclosing the procedure he had done.

He said that he is hopeful Tubbs, who was mentioned in an earlier post will be ready for Camp. That is good news. He also thinks Fudge will be ready by week one, so cancel the punter auditions for now.

The thing I found funny is that he said the right corner spot is an open competition. If you believe him, more power to you. I don't for a second. This is just like last year with right guard. He was never going to trust that spot to Willis or Wrotto. Similarly, Jennings is the man he wants over there. He just wants to push him to be his absolute best. He wants him to play like the late first rounder he is. I trust coach to know who's buttons he can push like this. Click here to...

Speaking of offensive line, Coach said that unit is pretty much set. I think that probably rules out LeCharles Bentley coming in, unless there is a freak injury in the next couple weeks.

Also, despite the reporters declaring Carlson to start, Coach said he thinks the best battles will be at RB, WR, and TE. I think that spot is up for grabs far more than the RCB spot. Either way, all three TE's will see time.

I will post the transcript of the interview later, when I have it available. You can then make up your own minds on coaches candor. Either way... Now we wait. 44 days to go.