Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Charlie Frye's Hidden Talent

by: Michael Steffes

Quick minute to check in, and I found this interesting article from the AP about Charlie Frye. Mostly it chronicles his fall from grace, eventually landing as the Hawks third stringer. Frye is determined to start again at some point, but in the meantime....

Charlie Frye has a hidden talent. He can steal signals, at least according to Gil Haskell.

"On the sidelines during the games, he was a big influence and help for us. I mean, he could get the other team's signals," Haskell said. "He could watch the formations, see the defenses ... really helpful."
Don't worry folks, I seriously doubt if this is anything covert. Frye probably is just viewing the field from a different perspective. Especially since he isn't bogged down with calling plays or determining personnel. Anyway, thought you might enjoy....