Monday, June 9, 2008

Plackemeier Injured; Surgery Scheduled

by: Michael Steffes

Some Seahawks such as Rob Sims and Marcus Tubbs made positive strides today. However, starting punter Ryan Plackemeier has either torn his labrum or his pectoral muscle while lifting weights(PI has it as Labrum, TNT has it as Peck). He has surgery scheduled for tomorrow. That opens the door on two questions, 1) what the heck was Plack doing lifting weights? and 2) What Now?

Well, I say cheers to Ryan, who I affectionately call "Fudge" because of his rotund midsection. It wouldn't be so bad except that he is a professional athlete. However, Plack, hit the treadmill, not the free weights buddy.

As for what now, well the Hawks will likely bring another punter in to make sure they are covered. It shouldn't be too hard to find a camp leg. The bigger question will be what the Hawks will do if Plack is out for any extended period? The Hawks were looking at punters for a little while before the draft, so they should be well versed in who is out there. Special teams is easily the most uncertain unit right now.

UPDATE: I kinda spaced that the team does have Reggie Hodges on the roster. He has punted previously before for the Rams and Eagles. Woo Hoo! Punters a plenty!