Friday, June 6, 2008

Answers to Your Questions Vol 11

by: Michael Steffes

Happy Friday evening everybody. I hope the week was short and your upcoming weekend is loooooong. Well, in the away from work sense. I know we all like days where the Hawks take the field, and that won't happen again until Monday. In the meantime.... I answer your questions. You know the drill. I give my insight and opinions, take them or leave them, I don't pretend to have absolute knowledge. Here we go...

jrlseattle... asked about the players given tryouts over the first camp?

No JRL, they are gone. When the team signs undrafted guys, they often bring in tryout players too. This way they can swap guys out if they like others better. By this time though, they are installing the offense and doing scheme related stuff they are bit more protective of. During the season the team brings in a group of tryout players every Mon and check them out. It helps them keep their "in case of injury" list together.

darnell... asked if Roanell Smith and Omare Lowe are with the team?

Omare Lowe is. He is going to battle for that versatile defensive back spot. He plays both safety and corner, so he has some value. So far though, it sounds as if Kevin Hobbs is outplaying him.

Chops.... Asked what is up with Alvin Pearman?

Pearman was a restricted free agent and the Hawks opted not to offer him a contract. Because of this he could sign with any team, however there has been little interest. He tore up his knee last year, so it is possible he is still not 100% and we won't hear about a team signing him until mid season, or even next season. He has more than two seasons in the league so he is not eligible for a practice squad.

Funny though, I watched a old VA vs Clemson game on a random Fox sports station or something, and Leroy Hill totally blew him up on one play. It was sweet. Hill was ALL over the field in that game, and Clemson beat a stacked VA team, with Pearman, Schaub, Heath Miller, Chris Canty, and D'Brickshaw Ferguson. I was flipping through, and I couldn't care less about either team, but I never watched Leroy in college, and this peaked my interest. Based on that game, I have no idea how he was available in the third.

Nick.... asked if Forsett is so fast why did he run a 4.6?

I just wanted to add on to what was already said. Not only is he quick, but 4.6 isn't slow. 5.0 would be slow. Maybe Forsett runs 4.6 with his pads on? A lot of guys have combine speed but not game speed. What I have seen watching Cal, is that Forsett plays very fast on the field, so those reports don't surprise me so much.

Surf Hawk
.... "the big four" vs the "the four young unknowns"

I like your nickname too. Either way, these four young WRs need a nickname. Hopefully we can keep them together, because in a year or two maybe they will have a league wide nickname.

Christopher Mattix... Using Owen Schmitt as a linebacker?

I have to say Chris that is very creative, but a little far fetched. Let me tell you why. First, Schmitt has been playing fullback for many years, and it is pretty hard to make the switch from O to D. Linemen can sometimes do it, but fullback to linebacker is a pretty different skill set. Linebackers are often as fast as tailbacks. They have to be able to flip their hips and run, in order to cover receivers. One of the reasons Schmitt is a full back is because he is a bit to big and slow to carry the ball full time. However, as a blocker he is top notch. Not saying he couldn't, but I am not sure he is athletic enough to play LB. Plus, the team drafted him to be a fullback. They need someone behind Weaver, who is a free agent after this year.

Evan... Kurt Warner's wife is the far! Although she has toned it down in recent years. When she used to call into to local talk radio, that was freakin' funny, and I am sure very embarrassing for Kurt.

Hasselhawk.... Asked if rookies are getting paid right now?

All of the players make a certain amount per week in the offseason. I am not sure what it is exactly, but it is dictated by the CBA. My guess is that it is like $800 a week. Same for the vets. The way the vets make offseason money is through workout bonuses. You hear those attached to contracts all the time. What they are is payments for the player as long as he attends offseason programs. As for salary, everybody gets it divided up into 17 game checks, so as long as the rookies are under contract before week 1, they get paid. The reason the Hawks haven't signed anybody yet, is because when they do they will have to release players. Right now they are using the draft picks roster spots for undrafted guys.

OK, that is all I have for now. It always seems like there are more questions, until I start to answer them. In the meantime..... get your boogie on folks, its Friday night!