Saturday, June 7, 2008

Seahawk Addicts Adds Writer

by: Michael Steffes

Hey everybody, after some careful deliberation and pondering of my options for some well deserved upcoming vacation time I decided that now was the appropriate time to add a new member to the Seahawk Addicts family. Well, actually, he isn't so new. Many of you may know him as "gonzo". His real name is Mike Parker. He used to cover the south end (Renton, Kent, etc) for the Seattle Times. He has been a football fan all his life and has followed the Seahawks diligently since moving up from No Cal several years ago. Obviously he is qualified as a writer. He is also experienced as a blogger. He has his own Seahawks blog which you can view RIGHT HERE. Obviously I am very excited he is joining the team.

Thankfully, due to a reduction in staff at the Times, Mike has some free time (their loss is my gain baby!) right now, and will be helping out with day to day stuff, basically tracking down links and creating good conversation pieces. Also, and as hard is this is for me to do, I will be taking a vacation with my woman the first week of the preseason, including the first preseason game. I promised her a week away from football, and mostly away from the computer, before the season started. That was the only workable time. By then Mike should be immersed, and with Chris, the blog won't miss a beat. I was a touch concerned. Leaving THIS blog unattended for a week is unacceptable. We are Seahawk Addicts, and we need our fix daily.

So, anyway, I wanted to introduce you all to Mike before he got a post up. You will see his work soon enough. I am very excited, and I am sure you will appreciate him being on board as much as I will. No where to go but up ma! It is going to be a great season. END