Friday, June 13, 2008

Four Seahawks Make PFW Top 50

by: Michael Steffes

One of my favorite annual readings is the ProFootballWeekly NFL Preview. With a little free time on hands I finally go down to cracking the cover this morning. One of the annual articles is the PFW top 50 players. This year, four Seahawks litter the list.

The list is created by surveying a mix of coaches, executives, and scouts. To see your listed Hawks...

Big Walt checks in at 19. Surprisingly this is up from last year where he was ranked only 27th. It wasn't too long ago he would have been top 5, but age catches up with all of us. That said, Walt will be on this list for a few more years. Especially considering he is still rated by PFW as the top tackle in football, "by a healthy margin."

Matt is next at 31. This is his first apperance on this list. He is the lowest ranked QB in the top 50. He falls behind Brady (1), Manning (2), Palmer (7), Rothlisberger (15), Brees (17), and Romo (18).

Surprisingly right behind Matt at 35 is... Marcus Trufant. Also his first apperance on the list. Marcus is just ahead of Terrance Newman, but 2 spots behind media darling Asante "watch me underperfom now that I got paid" Samuel.

Kind of in a shocker, it is Lofa who is last among Hawks at 45. Only two other middle linebacker made the list, Urlacher at 23 and DeMeco Ryans at 49. Lofa was not on last years list either.

Droping off of PFW's list from the Hawks are Julian Peterson who last year was ranked 28th, and of course Shaun Alexander who was 44th in 07. Also note, Steve Hutchinson does not appear either; he was 32nd last year.

As for team accolades, well only the Cowboys do better with 5 players. Not to surprising. The Hawks have 4 along with Indy and SD, who are much more widely recognized as talent laden teams. More from this mag to follow.