Sunday, June 8, 2008

Pollard Has Promising Start in NE

by: Michael Steffes

After a very disapointing season last year in Seattle, and then several months on the free agent market, Marcus Pollard ended up in New England. Historically NE has been a place for solid vets to revitalize their career. He will need it. The last time we saw Marcus was his worst game as a Seahawk. It was one thing when he disappeared, but to drop important balls in a playoff game is what got him a pink slip.

However, Tom Brady is already praising him. "Marcus has done a great job coming in here and learning what we do. He's been to a couple of different offenses but he seems like he's picked this one up pretty quickly," Brady said. "Just in the last few days he's really taken to this offense and he's made a bunch of plays in these camps." To continue...

Marcus' take on ending up in New England is that "I just wanted a chance to play and win some games. They told me I'd have an opportunity here and I'm just looking to contribute in any way I can — special teams, blocking, wham blocking, whatever."

Belichick also seems pretty excited about adding another receiving tight end to go with Watson... "Marcus knows the passing game. He has a lot of experience in offenses such as Indianapolis' and Mike Martz's West Coast offense" while with Detroit, Belichick said.

He also knows the Seahawks offense Bill, something I am sure that didn't slip your mind, considering that may be the toughest game on the schedule. It ought to be a fun one on many levels, including the return on Mr. Pollard. Assuming his knee holds up.