Friday, June 13, 2008

Holmgren adjourns minicamp with message for players

by: Mike Parker

"Behave yourselves" was the theme of what Coach Holmgren told players at the end of minicamp Thursday.

Before players were dismissed for their impending five-week vacation after the team's final minicamp, they were given a lecture on staying out of trouble and coming back better than ever on July 25 - the start of training camp. Clare at the PI quoted Holmgren as saying:

"Before they leave, I have to talk about a lot of things -- the least of which is being careful and how they conduct themselves," he said. "That's kind of a never-ending story."

The speech of course stemmed from the recent legal troubles of Lofa Tatupu and Rockey Bernard, and I think Holmgren felt at least a little obligated to just state the obvious. No harm in that, I say.

And it seems as though certain members of the team - Bobby, cough cough - need these five weeks to sort out some things inside their heads. It's also important to take some downtime before the training camp crunch comes out of nowhere and only serves as the precursor for a very hard-hitting five months after that.

But in the Seahawks' case, it'd be nice to see them on the field come February.

With all this being said, what does everyone foresee as being the team's No. 1 issue they need to fix in preparing for the 2008 season? It could be anything - on the field or off it. GO! END