Thursday, June 12, 2008

Special Thanks To The Staff

by: Michael Steffes

Just wanted to send an extra special thanks to Chris and Mike for helping carry the blog yesterday. It allowed me some needed time to finish up my "other" job. It was a smashing success. Also, I want to pass along an extra special thanks in advance. I am going to be counting on these two spectacular human beings for more coverage this weekend.

Off topic but for those interested. I am spending Fathers day weekend, with my Pops, at Torrey Pines for the US Open. I am very excited. It will be the second major Golf Tournament I have been to. I also attended the PGA Championship when it was at Sahalee in Redmond. A Golf tournament is about as far away from a football game as you can get. It is an individual sport as opposed to a team sport, and silence is appreciated. Can you imagine Tiger trying to hit a 90 yard approach out of the rough with 65,000 Qwest Field faithful screaming. Now that is an image. Remind me to ask Josh Brown how that feels after he tries to kick in Qwest next year.

Anyway.... Thanks a million Chris and Mike. You guys are A Ok in my book!