Friday, June 6, 2008

Talking DB's

by: Michael Steffes

Two articles this morning take a closer look at the Seahawk secondary. This has obviously been spurred on by the ball hawking going on in practice this week; especially by Kevin Hobbs.

Frank Hughes says that the current group, heading into their second season together has some lofty goals. They are talking about being the best secondary in the NFL, allowing under 200 yards per game. My opinion is that will be hard to do because this team will be playing with a lead all season (wink,wink).

Jose Romero focused more on Marcus Trufant, and how he is becoming a young leader on this team. After seeming stuck in neutral for a couple seasons, Trufant really turned it on last year. He seems to have picked up right where he left off.

As for the Hawks secondary, well it was pretty darn good last year to begin with. KC Joyner, the football scientist, examined coverage metrics on ESPN INSIDER recently. He didn't' have anything to say about the Hawks, but in the chart of all the teams, they ranked 7th with a 6.9 YPA average. These numbers are bit misleading. The teams in front of the Hawks include Cleveland and Miami; two teams who couldn't cover anybody. The point is, this is a pretty solid group who has chance to be better. What I would like to see, is that they stop allowing conversions on third and long. It has happened way to often in recent years, and continued last season. It is freakin' embarrassing, and hard to explain. Regardless, all signs point to a really good defense in the Northwest this year. END