Saturday, June 7, 2008

Shaun in Chicago?

by: Michael Steffes

Shaun Alexander may have found his first decent opportunity for work this morning. News out of Austin is that Bears running back Cedric Benson has been arrested for suspicion of DUI.

Normally that isn't enough to open a roster spot right away, but as you will remember, Benson was arrested mere weeks ago for boating under the influence. At the time he claims he treated unfairly by police and pepper sprayed for no reason. Well, Ced, I am guessing the whole drinky and police act is getting tired up in the windy city. I really don't see how they can hold on to this guy much longer. He certainly doesn't have the talent to back up this behavior.

So if you were the Bears, and you needed a vet to mentor Matt Forte, who would you choose? Shaun, or Travis Henry? This could be a good spot for Shaun, even though they have a young line. The Bears are going to run the ball and keep the clock moving, hoping their defense wins them games. We will wait and see, first Benson has to get cut. However, this is the best fit for Shaun thats been out there so far. END