Monday, June 9, 2008

Woes on Wallace

by: Mike Parker

So apparently reserve safety CJ Wallace has been holed up in my hometown of Sacramento for the past week or so while recovering from an emergency appendectomy. Even for a professional athlete, having a major organ removed must suck something terrible, so let's hope CJ's appendix was evil and needed to be punished. Kind of like my liver. But that's another story.

Moving on!

I saw Wallace pull some great plays in last year's preseason, and it was no surprise to me that he made the final cut on the 53-man squad. But with the abundance of new blood running around at minicamp this year, does anyone think CJ's job is in jeopardy if he can't get on the field for training camp? He of course won't be a starter as long as Russell and Grant are calling the shots at safety. And how the hell long does it take to recover from having an appendectomy, anyway?!

Let's hear your thoughts, 12th Man.