Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Answers to Your Questions Vol 10

by: Michael Steffes

Mini camp comes, and with it lots of questions. I have gone back over the last few days, because it seems there are a bunch of questions, and done my best to answer them. Keep em' coming, but remember I have no inside info or telepathic powers. This is just my opinion.

To Continue....

Christopher Mattix,
asked about Lo Jack?.... Well, he is back with the team and seems to be fitting in nicely. I don't really know much because nobody has said much about him lately. He seemed like he did well during the first camp he was at, and he hasn't been around until recently. I think that he will do just fine. He seems poised to step right in and contribute, but so far the beat reporters seem to be noticing Red Bryant more often.

Also, I think it would be about 50/50 on getting Kent on the practice squad. The best bet may be to put him on the week 1 roster, and then try and slip him through early in the season, before injuries but after rosters are mostly set.

... Asked about the hill run? Mora has a run he likes to do, up Tiger Mountain. It is only about three miles long, but it is supposedly quite steep. He invites the players to run it with him all the time. Kerney puked while doing it. Mora consistently beats the players up the mountain. I am not sure if this is what he was talking about, but Hasselbeck said the DB's have been going jogging with Mora after practice this year.

, asked about June 1st Cuts? Hawkdude had it right. Shaun was not designated a 6/1 cut, and I don't think that Ashworth was either. As far as I know the Hawks didn't use the 6/1 effect at all this year. That is a good sign, there will be no dead money on the books next year.

Hulk... said Duckett may not make the team.... I just wanted to disagree with you briefly. I think Duckett is pretty safe. Even if he doesn't appear set to step into a well defined role, they will keep him as insurance. He would be very valuable should Morris or Jones go down, and neither of them are ultra durable. He will stick around and the team will eventually find good use for him.... I hope.

JDot Porter... Had three questions....

1) Asked about Jordan Kent. Kent has supposedly made big strides from last year. Unfortunately he had a long way to go. Right now, he is likely the lowest of all the oft mentioned receivers, but the team loves his speed, and his potential, so don't be surprised if they find a way to make sure he doesn't get snapped up by another team.

2) The WRs look like this. Burleson is starting at the split end, or X spot. Ben Obamanu and then Jordan Kent would be behind him. Bobby would be on the field as the starting flanker, with Payne and Taylor competing behind him. However, when three receivers are on the field, which is often, Bobby would move to the slot. Then either Payne or Taylor will be on the field. Then of course there is Deion Branch who is not likely to play until October at the earliest.

3) I think the starting TE is still up in the air right now. Holmgren said he would like John Carlson to start, however, he also admits that is asking a lot of a rookie in this system. Hasselbeck seemed to favor Putzier a bit when talking about the position on the radio this morning, saying he is sneaky fast. My best guess is that Putzier starts out as the 1st string TE, but by midseason Carlson starts to take over.

Pat... Asked to explain my big picture comment? What I mean is that Chop is a fill in anyway. Kyle Williams too. I could really care less about the players shuffling in an out right now because 3/5 of the starters are hurt. Those are the big picture guys I want to see getting reps together. Hope that helps.

Evan... Asked about PK Sam? I haven't heard anything Evan. He should have been around all offseason so far, so that gives him a leg up on some of the undrafted rookies. He also has one big plus, and that is his return ability. With coach wanting to get Nasty Nate off the kick return units, if Sam flashes the return ability he has had in the past, he could get a good look for the final roster.

Ok, hope you enjoyed. I am beat folks. Don't expect too many late night posts for the foreseeable future, at least during the week. You probably saw me reference this in either the comments or a 5am post, but my lady has us going to an extreme fitness bootcamp at 6 every morning. Right now, I am ready for bed and my whole body hurts, only one problem...It is still light outside! Craziness! I can't go to sleep if it is light outside can I?