Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hawks Line Thought of Highly

by: Michael Steffes

I guess if I said that, you would probably expect it to be the defensive line at this point. However, I am talking about the big nasties on offense. Walt, Wahle, Spencer, Sims, and Lock. We know they are better than they performed last year, and others in the national media surprisingly agree.

Pete Prisco has his offensive line rankings out. He ranks the Hawks 11th. Here is what he says...

Walter Jones is the best in football. He continues to play at a high level. Right tackle Sean Locklear is solid. The interior is made up of a center Chris Spencer, veteran (Mike Wahle) at left guard and Rob Sims at right guard. Wahle was signed as a free agent. Spencer needs to play better inside than he did a year ago for the line to improve. Sims moves over from left guard.
This is nice to see. He has the Cowboys rated #1. Is there anybody not in a love fest with Jerry and his Boys this year. As for the rest of our division it goes like this...

Cardinals 22
Rams 28
San Fran 30

What is it they say... that football games are won in the trenches. Looks like another long season for the rest of the NFC West. The only question left is whether or not we get a bye week, right? END