Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Mini Camp One Liners

by: Michael Steffes

Scott Johnson takes a look at the uncertainty and question marks surrounding the Hawks right now.

Frank Hughes looks as the expanded role of Keith Gilbertson, and then gives the highlights from yesterdays practice.

Dave Boling says that Larry Tripplett is back. In Buffalo he was asked to anchor the run defense. At only 295, he is probably a bit more comfortable in his role as the disruptive guy.

Clare Farnsworth gives details of another great day of practice from Logan Payne. Apparently he is working primarily at flanker too. Either Payne or Taylor are likely to get a good chance to start this year.

Enjoy the morning reading folks.... I am off to boot camp! Kinda! Catch up with you after the Hawks come off the field. Also, there have been a bunch of questions in the comments. I will see if I can give out answers(opinions) today as well. END