Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wednesday Mini Camp

by: Michael Steffes

All of the writers have their daily blog posts in. Seems like a fairly innocuous practice.

One day after we discovered John Carlson had been sitting out, he was back in for limited work. This is good news. There seems to be a big emphasis on having him start. I will be examining him closely in the preseason to see if this a good course of action.

Clare Farnsworth of the PI chose to focus on the running backs "guns." Hey, it is hard not to right! He notes all world line backer Lofa Tatupu making a great play. It sounds reminiscent of the play he made in the Dallas playoff game in 06', in a way. That remains the most atheletic play I have ever seen from a linebacker.

Jose Romero of the Seattle Times, has a funny Holmgrenism. Give Mike a mic! Oh if we only had the opportunity to hear what Holmgren says at practice. Maybe I should talk to his agent and see if I can get him signed up to do a series of motivational tapes after he retires. Can't you imagine your daily affirmations from Mike Holmgren.

Jose also mentioned Jordan Kent having a great camp. Something Frank Hughes will have more on later tonight via article. In the meantime, Hughes mentions that Big Walt was working on the side with Mike Solari. Good to see that "possibly the best player ever," as Hasselbeck described him the other day, still open to new coaching. Please save his shoulders from future damage Solari.

Something else that everyone noted was the special teams work today. Jordan Kent was lined up as a returner. If he makes the squad that could be a great spot for him. Speed is big on kick returns. Having Wilson and Kent back there would be a young, but extremely fast pair. END