Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Getting to Know the Younger WR's

by: Michael Steffes

I am in class tonight, but there are two good stories worth reading about two of the new/young wide receivers.

First, Frank Hughes has posted his story about Jordan Kent. He makes some very good points about how hard it will be to get Kent onto the practice squad, despite Gil Haskell confirming that would be the best place for him. By the way, Kelly Jennings is fast, and if Kent is smoking him on a regular basis, well, we better hold on to him.

Also, PI writer Tim Booth has written a story about Chaz Gessner. Gessner has lived quite a full life so far, as you will see. The question remains if he will be able to make it with the Hawks. My guess is that there will be plenty of reps for him in the preseason which will allow him to showcase his talent for other teams. He seems like he has some potential, so we can only hope he doesn't end up with another team in our division. END