Thursday, June 5, 2008

Prisco D Line Rankings

by: Michael Steffes

This was already posted in the comments section last night, and there was already some discussion about this, but Pete Prisco's D Line rankings are here.

He has the Hawks ranked 7th. Not to shabby. He calls Mebane the weak link, saying that somebody has to be the weak link. I guess if that were the case I would say Tapp. He wasn't nearly as consistent and effective as Mebane down the stretch.

As for the ranking, if we assume Prisco knows anything, which some would say is a big stretch, we can take a look at composite rankings for the two lines and get a decent idea who he thinks are the top teams in the NFC. This of course assumes the cliche that games are won in the trenches. While that makes sense, the QB is pretty darn important too.

Here they are....UPDATE..Here is an article looking at these composite numbers from CBSSports. The Hawks and Eagles are tied for sixth.

Dallas... 8
Minnesota... 10
NYG.... 11
Seahawks... 18
Philly... 18
Green Bay... 20

AZ... 42
SF... 49