Thursday, March 26, 2009

2009 Draft Video Bios

by: Mike Parker

ESPN has just released the 2009 draft video bios, which give a personal look at 21 of this year's elite NFL hopefuls.

Among them are QB Matt Stafford, LB Aaron Curry and WR Percy Harvin; the latter being a name that's been somewhat off the radar of late due to the increased chatter about Stafford and Crabtree. The "QB Connections" link at the very top is worth a watch -- Nate Davis, Stafford and Mark Sanchez compare themselves to some NFL greats, which could be the first step in setting themselves up for either epic failure or prophetic success. The clip comparing a particular Stafford throw to a similar one by Troy Aikman is pretty noteworthy, though.

Also, for those of you who are curious, a couple more names not often mentioned here -- Ziggy Hood and Brian Orakpo -- have videos posted as well.

These might not be enough to sway anyone's view of whose name should be called at nos. 4 or 37 next month, but they're worth a look nonetheless. -END-