Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Joe Jurevicius Released By Browns

by: Mike Parker

After an injury-prone (and staph infection-ridden) season in Cleveland, 2005 Seahawk standout receiver Joe Jurevicius is back on the market.

And since Tim Ruskell is taking every measure possible to ensure the Seahawks don't have a repeat of 2008 and go through 438 receivers again, Joe is worth a look. He's at least worth talking to, if nothing else.

Clare Farnsworth seems to agree, saying Jurevicius planned on retiring after last season but changed his mind after having it end on a less-than-stellar note.

At this point, adding depth at receiver should definitely be a priority for the Seahawks, and any experienced help they could get at the position would be reassuring. Jurevicius may be on the last few gallons in the tank, but he has chemistry with Hasselbeck and knows our system. (And yes, Knapp is switching things up a bit, but it sounds like his approach will mainly affect the running game. That's so far, anyway.)

Besides, his price tag would probably be more than affordable.

EDIT: Danny O'Neil seems to think Joe is worth contacting as well. And after giving the whole subject more thought, the likelihood of seeing Joe in blue & green once again is pretty low, but I'm still intrigued by the possibility. -END-