Friday, March 13, 2009

Chop Leaves Town

by: Michael Steffes

According toreports from the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Floyd Womack has signed on to be a Brown next year. He appears to be in line to compete for their right tackle spot following the Browns release of Kevin Schaffer.

As for the Hawks, they are clearly moving their line in a different direction. With Willis re-signed, the Hawks have three tackles making good money. With the experience that interior players like Wrotto and Vallos got last year, they can chance going a bit younger. They will almost be certainly looking at o-line prospects in the draft as well, after failing to take one last year. Vallos was 7th rounder (or close to it) two years ago, so with the Hawks new-found glut of late picks, they will probably add at least two linemen in April this year. They also have Kyle Williams, who is out of practice squad eligibility as well.

It was time for Chop to move on. Best of luck to our favorite pork product. END