Saturday, March 14, 2009

Seahawks After Redding?

by: Chris Sullivan

Pro Football Talk is reporting a trade rumor -- the Seahawks are going after the Detroit Lions' former franchise player, defensive tackle Cory Redding. Redding is a 6-year veteran in the league, but only 28 years old, and has the versatility to play both end and tackle. After moving to tackle in his sophomore effort in the NFL, Redding became one of the premiere pass-rushing defensive tackles in the league, notching 47 tackles and 8 sacks in 2006. Compensation is not known at this time, but I wouldn't expect it to be a straight-up trade for Julian Peterson.

[UPDATE: An earlier story that I grazed over reports that the Lions are working on a "significant trade" -- perhaps a Redding - Peterson + draft pick switcheroo could be in the works? Of course, it could be completely unrelated to us. That's usually how rumors work.]

This would be an interesting move, and one that I don't understand much. Colin Cole fits our one-tech position and Brandon Mebane our three-tech. Mebane has proven he can play the one-tech, but it seems almost universally accepted that he will be a better three-tech. At 6'4", 298 lbs, and as a pass rush specialist, I have trouble believing that Redding would play one-tech. The new coaches have made it fairly clear that there will not be a DT rotation in the same manner as we've seen in previous years and that the defensive line will operate more like an offensive line -- starters and infrequent guest stars.

Where does Cory Redding fit? We could move him back to defensive end, but then you're basically paying a guy too much to play his second best position. I don't like this rumor. What do you guys think? ~END~